Volatile anti-rust inhibitors (VCI)

March 14, 2019

Volatile anti-rust inhibitors, sometimes referred to as vapor phase inhibitors, are a rust-proof packaging method.

The working principle of VCI is as follows:

The VCI material vaporizes and evaporates in a sealed packaging space, thereby forming a protective layer on the surface of the metal product. As long as the sealed space is not destroyed, the protective layer can be stably present. Once the product is removed from the package, the protective layer evaporates again, leaving a dry and clean product.

Neifan VCI does not contain nitrite and is environmentally friendly. VCI can appear in the following types of carriers:

· Paper · PE foam · Bag type · Launch cup · Cardboard

Neifan has many years of experience in the packaging industry and can provide each customer with the most suitable rust-proof packaging system


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