Simple Green detergent container strap

March 14, 2019

Sunshine Makers of Huntington Harbor, Calif., uses a handle-mounted container as its 2-liter full-function Simple Green(R) cleaner and car wash product package. This container allows customers to easily pick up and pour the liquid detergent inside. Jeff Hyder, senior vice president of product, operations and sales at Sunshine Makers, said: "The original detergent bottle design was not ergonomic, making it inconvenient for customers to pick it up, and when filled with liquids, It also easily leads to leakage."

The design of the new packaging for Concentrated Simple Green and Simple Green was started last fall and is the result of the collaboration between Sunshine Makers and TricorBraun. The best part of this design is the handle that is “just get away”. The material used to make the handle is made of PET and then molded onto the bottle. The handle is very firm and opaque white.

Hyder affirmed: "This groundbreaking design incorporates a 'hands-and-go' handle that makes it easy for customers to access and dump. The smaller, more efficient bottle design makes it easier for retail owners to manage shelves."

What is equally important to Sunshine Makers is the green nature of the new packaging, as the company has always promised to develop non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners. The company stated: "Compared with other plastic packaging materials, the production, use, reuse and disposal of PET packaging materials can consume less energy, emit less atmospheric pollutants, and have less pollution to water."

The detergent kits are decorated with labels made of pressure sensitive materials. The patterns and text are in green, yellow and white colors that are consistent with the Simple Green series. The label design was designed by the creative department of Sunshine Makers. The department is responsible for the company's product packaging design and store materials. White polypropylene caps also supplied by TricorBraun have anti-addition capabilities.

Source: Packaging Digest China

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