Nails for enhanced retention with a head having an enlarged diameter suitable for covering

March 17, 2019

[Abstract] The present invention provides a nail (10) suitable for covering that provides an increased resistance to failure. The nail (10) has an enlarged head (20) and a body (24) with surface deformation (28). The cover plate (40) is fixed to a frame structure (42) by using nails (10). The enlarged head (20) provides a first clamping surface that is positioned against one of the outer surfaces of the cover plate (40). In the frame structure, the second clamping surface is fixed by the nail body. By providing an enlarged head and a body with surface deformation, the ability of the nail to hold the cover plate to the frame structural element is enhanced. A set of nails is set in a package (100) suitable for use with a mechanical drive.
【Sovereign Items】 1. A package suitable for covering nails, comprising a set of nails suitable for covering, each nail having: a substantially round head with a flat top surface, Suitable for driving into flush with an outer surface and a bottom surface of the cover plate, the head also having a head diameter; a single elongated body is integrally formed with the head and extends from the underside of the head, the elongated nail The body also includes a nail tip opposite the head and a series of surface deformations formed on the body, the surface deformation being configured to provide an increased resistance to plate separation when the nail is pulled from a frame structure, the body also having a A substantially circular cross-section with a body diameter between 0.092 and 0.148 in; where: each nail is made of steel wire; each nail has a length that defines the distance from the head to the body tip, this length Between 1.625 and 3.00 in; for nail lengths, the nail body diameter of each nail is usually equivalent to a normal nail as specified in ASTM F 1667-95 for nail lengths used with mechanical drivers. a fixed body diameter, this head diameter providing an enlarged head surface area for engaging the outer surface of the cover plate to enhance the resistance to separation of the plates due to the head being pulled through; and the head of each nail The ratio of the diameter to the body diameter is between 2.70 and 3.37; and at least one connecting element is configured to temporarily attach a set of nails into a package.
【 Agency 】 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Patent and Trademark Office

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