Guangzhou is really launching a new screen printing machine

March 27, 2019

The Guangzhou Zhengzheng Automatic Labeling Technology Development Center recently launched a uniquely designed continuous web screen printing machine.

The machine has changed the structure of the traditional winding reeling and feeding method, adopts a linear feeding mechanism, so that the super hard, ultra-thin and extra-thick materials that cannot be conveyed in the past can be accurately conveyed with an accuracy of ± 0.025 mm, and further expand the volume. The use of cylinder screen printers. Its unique photoelectric tracking mechanism can accurately repeat multiple color printing and can meet the needs of high-precision printing. The whole machine is controlled by German Siemens microcomputer (PC), accurate and reliable.

The machine is equipped with automatic die cutting and hot stamping machines, which can be applied to self-adhesive labels. This has changed the current situation of the lack of screen printing varieties for such labels, and can meet industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and a wide range of needs. . At the same time, the machine can also be used for the production of computer bar code papers, supermarkets special reel electronic label. Special laser trademark (such as silk screen, etching labels), telephone security code and other series of label products.

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