Composites for light-tight, airtight and liquid-tight heat-sealable packaging

March 16, 2019

The present invention describes a composite material consisting of paper or cardboard as a carrier material (1) with a plastic coating, in particular for a light-tight, hermetic and liquid-tight heat-sealable package, wherein the plastic The coating has in each case an outer sealing layer (3) and a barrier layer (2) made of metal is present between the carrier material layer (1) and the sealing layer (3) and the production of the composite material. method. According to the invention, in this composite material, the carrier material layer (1) should be protected in such a way that the package thus produced can be sterilized in an autoclave or the like together with the product contained therein, wherein This composite material can be produced simply and at low cost. This can be achieved by providing a further barrier layer (2) on the other side of the carrier material layer (1).

Source: Wanfang Data Resources

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